Poplar Grove Homeowner's Association of Pitt County, Inc.

Poplar Grove Drive, Greenville, NC 27858


Poplar Grove is a single-family neighborhood located in the southern part of Pitt County.

HOA Responsibilities: grass cutting at entrance/berm, entrance sign, general liability and D&O insurance.

Owner Responsibilities: entire building (exterior and interior), fence, lawn, driveway, mailbox, everything related to pest/termites, HO3 policy.

*THIS ASSOCIATION DOES NOT PROVIDE THE OPTION FOR AUTOMATIC DRAFT. Dues assessment can be made via credit/debit card by one-time on-line payment or over the phone during normal business hours (there is an additional service fee charged with any credit/debit card payment). Payments can also be made via check or certified funds.

Notice: The Association hereby gives notice to its membership that any member may initiate voluntary prelitigation mediation of disputes pursuant to N.C.G.S. 7A-38.3F to try and resolve a dispute with the Association; pursuant to this statute, disputes do not include disputes related solely to a member's failure to timely pay an association assessment or any fines or fees associated with the levying of collection of an association assessment.

Manager: Chelsey Bennett

Phone: 252-329-7368

Fax: 252-355-9641

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HOA Meetings:

2021 Board of Directors meetings are scheduled for 6:00 pm at RPM's office on the following dates:

Monday, February 22
Monday, September 27

These meetings are designed for the elected officials comprising the Board of Directors to conduct business regarding the HOA. All Board meetings are open to owners and residents for observation; if the Board elects to hold an executive session all others will be asked to leave the meeting. If you wish to address the Board at the meeting, you must request to be added to the agenda. If you plan to attend a Board meeting, please notify the HOA Manager (preferably in writing or via email). Meeting dates and times are subject to change without notice.

2021 Board of Directors and Officers:

President - Gus Roberson
Vice President - Ann Wiggs
Secretary/Treasurer - Nikki Weber

HOA Documents for Poplar Grove Homeowner's Association of Pitt County, Inc.