Fieldstone at Landover

Sweet Bay Dr, Greenville, NC 27834


Fieldstone at Landover is located on Allen Road between Dickinson Avenue and Stantonsburg Road. Fieldstone is a planned duplex community featuring three bedroom townhomes with stone fronts. There are approximately 190 homes in Fieldstone.

HOA Responsibilities: grass cutting at entrance/berm, entrance sign, general liability insurance.

* lawns are cut at some duplexs but not within fenced area.

Owner Responsibilities: entire building (exterior and interior), fence, lawn, driveway, mailbox, everything related to pest/termites, HO3 policy.

*Streets = public and are part of city maintenance

Manager: Chelsey Bennett

Phone: 252-329-7368

Fax: 252-355-9641

HOA Documents for Fieldstone at Landover